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Mixed Reflections About Beauty

In 2010, Dr Michael Lewis at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, collected a random sample of 1205 black, white, and mixed-race faces. From this sample, the faces were rated based on attractiveness. It was found that those who had mixed-race faces, on average, were seen as more attractive. Does mixing of races make a person more beautiful?

Though Lewis may have shown that mixed-race people are more attractive, I wonder why mixed race individuals are not given more attention? They are prevalent in media and in Hollywood, so why are they invisible in these public areas? Doesn’t an attractive face give an edge to those in an image-conscious industry? This is something to think about, especially since the number of mixed race children has increased and will continue to grow.

Here is a short video that talks about attitudes toward mixed race individuals. Love to hear your comments!
Problem With Calling Mixed Kids More Beautiful